Все экскурсии Беларусь Минск Резиденция не коронованных королей - Несвижский замок

Резиденция не коронованных королей - Несвижский замок

Групповая экскурсия Вы приобретаете билет в организованной группе
Резиденция не коронованных королей - Несвижский замок Резиденция не коронованных королей - Несвижский замок Резиденция не коронованных королей - Несвижский замок Резиденция не коронованных королей - Несвижский замок Резиденция не коронованных королей - Несвижский замок Резиденция не коронованных королей - Несвижский замок

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Ксения - ТВОЙ гид/your SAFEguide
Если ты читаешь это страничку, значит тебе, также как и мне, интересна эта удивительная страна - Беларусь. С нетерпением жду тебя в этой сказочной стране древних замков, заповедных оазисов девственной природы; скромного приюта исторических событий, которые изменили жизнь не одного поколения; стране, давшей жизнь множеству выдающихся людей, прославивших Беларусь по всему миру. Я помогу тебе познакомиться с удивительным городом Минском, его гостеприимными жителями, дружелюбными парками и аллеями, старинными загадочными местечками, молчаливыми кирпично-бетонными свидетелями событий минувших дней, и современными новинками архитектуры, приветливо поглядывающими с высоты зеркально-стеклянных стен. Хочешь изучить местный колорит и "изнанку" столицы. Добро пожаловать! Давай окунемся в ночной мир приключений, изысков национальной белорусской кухни, манящей пряными дразнящими ароматами "с пылу-с жару"; отведаем не только знаменитые "драники", и познакомимся с множеством новых друзей. Беларусь не оставит тебя равнодушным(ой). Буду рада встрече! _______________________________________________________________________ WELCOME TO MINSK & BELARUS! Belarus? What and where is it? Is it“Bella Russia”? Or just any of its numerous provinces somewhere in the West or North, where wild, gray, hungry bears wonder on streets searching for an unsheltered “fur-hat” man, who strolls into a local bar for a shot or two of so famous vodka, dancing “Kalinka” on his way rescuing himself in a dreadful freeze? No, no, and no again! How many of such stereotypes and generalizations I have heard about this so small, but so heroic and charming country! When you see the motley carpet of emerald, milky, caramel, and chocolate colored tiles from the air you ask yourself: “What is so special about this 207, 600 square kilometers of land?” The answer is: plenty of beautiful stories, mysterious legends, welcoming smiles, peculiar facts sugared with involving festive traditions and funny rituals; unbelievable sights and virgin wild nature neighboring together with eclectic modern glass skyscrapers spiced with quite, safe, and peaceful surrounding. Belarus is a wonderland, which manages to preserve the largest ancient forest in Europe“Belovezhskaya Pushcha”. It meets you with soft waves of malachite pine and fir forests, which gentle natural aroma refreshes the air and clears your mind; with the smoothest road-bed that cradles you under the soft singing of carbon-graphite trees, which topaz-silky leaves rustle in an intimate summer dance with warm wind. The light tender whispers of aquamarine naughty rivers and deep sapphirine glossiness of lakes capture your eyes evoking desperate will for immediate chill in its cooling waters. Belarus is called “the heart of Europe” as it is located right in the middle of the continent and is accompanied by Russia in the East; Latvia and Lithuania in the North; Poland in the West; and Ukraine in the South. But I am pleased to believe that the sobriquet just reflects the true nature of Belarusian character: courage, fairness, honesty, and loyalty. The ancient medieval castles still proudly boast the luxurious halls, alluring a traveler with the unique hall fitting, refine crystal candelabras, and infinite magic mirrors that expand the space dragging you into another world. You will be enchanted by mahogany bricks of “Mir” and“Nesvizh” castle’s walls that carry history in its cryptic basements and mystic tunnels. Your imagination will be amazed by Belarusian baroque architecture with its ornate patterns and florid staircases that lead you into peculiar inside of dazzling legends hidden in park greenery shade. Indeed, the country can be proud of its people. The royal families of Sweden, France, Austria, and Poland were proud to find their brides among Belarusian noble names; as Belarusian ladies were well educated, prosperous, and brilliantly beautiful. Even the Habsburgs could not have stayed apart. I see Belarus a heroic country, as despite its average territory, it has bravely faced numerous wars in its lands and has never given up its national language or identity. This was Belarus, a small and unknown Soviet Republic, which met the first and the most dreadful Hitler’s attack. Belarusian lands colored burgundy-red, while its sons (among who my grandparents were) were gaining the time for the rest of Soviet Army to mobilize its resources. Today bloody numbers engraved in “Khatyn” memorial remind us of 2, 330, 000 heroes, who gave their life away for the sake of our peaceful future. This was Belarus, which sent over 28 000 its young sons (among who my uncle was), some of who were even unaware how to hold a gun, into Afghanistan to protect the Russian Soviet Republic border. And again it was Belarus, which immediately responded with its brightest engineers and volunteers (among who my uncle was) to an unforgivable “Chernobyl” tragedy in Ukraine. Indeed, Belarus is a lion-hearted country that never stands by any tragedy. Even today its capital, Minsk city, hosts negotiations, which are so vital for such fragile peace among its closest neighbors. One more thing (I am sure) that will please you is its citizens. If you ask a direction, you will be not only provided with a full description of the needed place, but also might be probably accompanied there with a certain story about the city or any other additional aid. We are very easy-going, intelligent, and open-minded people. Minsk will gladly open its hostile arms for you in a gentle and warm hug. The city, as any other capital, has its unique personality and sole. And to unveil some of its secrets you just need to feel the atmosphere, to let things run its way, and to enjoy a splendid holiday. Be safe, dear friend, see you soon.